Attractions and Points of


1. Grand Prismatic Spring

Being the largest hot spring in the US and the third largest in the world, this spectacle is a rare beauty among the other treasures of national parks. With its various colors and a deep blue in the center, this spring runs approximately 370 feet in diameter and 160 feet in depth. With it's vibrant colors and mystifying appearance, the Prismatic spring is a must-see for all.

2. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Despite being lesser-known, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone still remains a marvel among the park with drives such as the South and North Rim drives that really present the best scenic routes Yellowstone has to offer. Along the canyon is also a hotspot for bird-watching and looking for waterfalls. Artist's Point remains the best view point of the Canyon if you have a packed schedule.

3. Old Faithful Geyser

Probably one of the main reasons you decided to come to Yellowstone, is to visit good ol' Old Faithful. Out of all the other geysers in the United States, this one remains consistent in its eruptions; always maintaining an average height around 130-140 feet with eruptions that last from 1.5 to 5 minutes. It's no wonder with over a milion of eruptions since 1872 that people from all over flock to Yellowstone to witness such a phenomenon. Ways to predict and prepare for Old Faithful's eruption times include: